Pentart Mirror Mist for Glass, 10 mL
Pentart Mirror Mist for Glass, 10 mL, Creates Mirrored Effect
Pentart Mirror Effect for Glass, Back of Package
Pentart Mirror Mist for Glass Back of Package caution

Pentart Mirror Mist for Glass, 10 mL

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Pentart Mirror Mist for Glass, 10 mL (milliliters)

Pentart Mirror Mist is a solvent-based, spray-on paint medium that creates a mirror effect on glass. The Pentart quick video below is very helpful and demonstrates how to create easy projects with step-by-step instructions on how to use Mirror Mist for Glass. See our Pentart Mirror Mist for Plastic here which is applied the same way as Mirror Mist for Glass but made for plastic.

Project Ideas:

Create a mirror effect using glass. Use clear glass ornaments, glass discs, recycled glass from old picture frames. Stencil with Mirror Mist and create a mirror effect design on your projects. Apply Pentart Chrome Rub-On Pigments, glitter, and paint. 

Contents of Package:

  • One 10 mL bottle of Mirror Mist
  • Cap or lid for sealing
  • Spray pump nozzle 
  • Instruction insert.

How to apply: 

  2. Use in a well-ventilated area. Read instructions insert and all cautionary advisories.
  3. Prepare glass by cleaning with rubbing alcohol. We use alcohol wipes.
  4. Spray glass with Mirror Mist to coat. 
  5. Apply several layers or coats if desired. Dry in between coats. 
  6. When dry, apply a coat of spray varnish.
  7. Paint underside of your coated glass with black acrylic paint. Black works best to achieve a mirrored effect. The front side is your mirrored side. 
  8. Apply stencil designs, sponge or dab on paint, apply glitter or Pentart Chrome Rub-On Pigment. 

IMPORTANT! Your purchase of this product holds My Victorian Heart harmless from any mishaps, injuries or any harm whatsoever due to improper use and lack of following safety guidelines and recommendations as provided on the product label and on product safety data sheet.

See the following Pentart videos demonstrating projects created with Mirror Mist. 

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