Pentart Snow Crystal Pen, 30 mL

Pentart Snow Crystal Pen, 30 mL, Easily Apply Snowy Frosty Effect

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Pentart Snow Crystal Pen, 30 mL (milliliters) = 1.0144 ounces

Pentart Snow Crystal Pen is a water-based, structured white paste with a subtle glitter to create the sparkle of fresh, crisp snow. Combine with Pentart Snow Paste and Snow Pen for a realistic, sparkling snowy landscape.  

How to apply:

  • Squeeze Snow Crystal Pen onto project surface.
  • Use to create sparkling, snowy effect of snow on landscapes inside and on ornaments, papier mache, Christmas villages, miniatures and more. 
  • If pen tip becomes clogged clean out with straight pen or implement. 

Protect from frost. 

Read any and all cautionary statements on all art mediums. Follow safety guidelines for proper, safe use. Keep away from children and pets. 

Always thoughtfully packaged.

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