Pentart Rainbow Paste, 150 mL

Pentart Rainbow Paste, 150 mL

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Pentart Rainbow Paste

150 mL (milliliters) = 5.072 ounces

Rainbow Paste is a water-based paste which dries transparent. It contains holographic glitter and little flakes that have a lovely, iridescence. This iridescence changes with the light and appears more brilliant on darker colors or surfaces. Rainbow Paste dries flexible also. See video below.

How to apply:

  • Scoop out desired amount of Rainbow Paste with a Palette Knife or implement of choice. 
  • Spread onto your project, art palette or canvas. 
  • Use Rainbow Paste with Stencils on your projects.
  • Rainbow Paste can be applied over an entire project background, such as canvas, wood, papier mache, etc... 
  • Watch the following quick Pentart video for information, how to apply and for project ideas. 

Always read all cautionary statements on all art mediums. Follow safety guidelines for proper, safe use. Keep away from children and pets. 

Protect from frost.

Always thoughtfully packaged.

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