Pentart Moss Effect Paste, 2 Colors, Create Mossy Effects
Pentart Moss Effect Paste, Light Green, 100 mL
Pentart Moss Effect Paste, Dark Green, 100 mL

Pentart Moss Effect Paste, 100 mL, 2 Color Options

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Pentart Artist Mediums

Pentart Grass Effect Paste, 100 mL, 2 Color Options

Choose Color Option: Dark Green, Light Green

Size: 100 milliliters = 3.38 ounces

Pentart Moss Effect Paste is a water-based paste that imitates the effect of moss. It is a creamy, spreadable paste that gives your projects texture and dimension. Use a heat gun to expand or puff up your moss effect for more dimension. Watch Pentart's video below which provides instructions and demonstrates Moss Effect Paste as well as Grass Effect Paste which we also offer.

How to apply:

  • Apply Pentart Moss Effect with a paint palette, spatula or other implement.
  • Apply directly onto your project surface. Spread Moss Effect to desired appearance and coverage.
  • You can add Pentart Moss Effect by blending it with Grass Effect Paste, too. 
  • Pentart Moss Effect and Pentart Grass Effect Pastes are the same pastes and differ only in color. They work together beautifully.
  • Add Pentart Velvet Powders in contrasting green colors for a softer mossy effect to your Moss Effect. 
  • While your Moss Effect is still wet, apply heat with a heat gun or blow dryer to puff up your Moss Effect for added dimension and texture. Dab on varied shades of green acrylic paints if desired prior to using the heat on Moss Effect.
  • Let dry.
  • Tips/Ideas: Create an old, mossy look on a clay pot with Moss Effect, add varied shades of green acrylic paints and Pentart Velvet Powders. Add Moss Effect to decoupage rice papers. Make an enchanting fairy world vignette landscape with Moss Effect. Embellish fairy doors and decor. So many ideas! See video.

NOTE: Protect from frost. 

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