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Pentart Modeling Paste, 150 mL

Pentart Modeling Paste, 150 mL

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Pentart Modeling Paste, 150 mL (milliliters) = 5.07 ounces

Color is white 

Pentart Modeling Paste is a water-based, thick and spreadable. Modeling Paste holds its shape, gives your designs dimension, dries flexible or pliable with a matte finish and is paintable, distress-able and more. Wow! What can we not do with this amazing Modeling Paste?! 

How to apply: 

Apply with a spatula or palette knife. 

Uses/Tips/Project Ideas: 

  • Fill silicone moulds with Pentart Modeling Paste for castings

  • Stencil raised dimensional designs with this Modeling Paste

  • Paint your applied Modeling Paste designs, apply antiquing gels, color waxes or pastes, pigment powders and more.

  • You can sand your Modeling Paste designs when paste is dry. 

  • Apply a layer of Modeling Paste to a piece of plastic wrap, let dry, peel off then cut shapes to make flowers and other shapes. This paste dries flexible. 

  • Apply Modeling Paste to your project, let dry for about 20 to 30 minutes, then impress your favorite stamp designs into the paste, then paint, decorate your stamped design. 

Protect from frost.

 Always thoughtfully packaged. 

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