Pentart Heavy Body Gel, Matte, 230 mL, Multi-Purpose
Pentart Heavy Body Gel, Matte, 230mL, Dimension, Stencils, Multi Use

Pentart Heavy Body Gel, Matte, 230mL, Dimension, Stencils, Multi Use

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Pentart Heavy Body Gel, Matte

230 mL (milliliters) = 7.78 ounces

Pentart Heavy Body Gel in Matte finish is a fantastic art medium with so many uses. This is a water-based, thick gel medium that becomes opalescent when dry. Heavy Body Gel is an excellent multi-purpose medium for use in mixed media, to add dimension or 3D effect. Also great for gluing and more! What can this stuff not do?! See the quick Pentart videos below for great ideas and step-by-step how-to for projects.

How to apply: 

Brush on, dab or sponge onto your projects. 

Uses/Project Examples 

  • Use Pentart Heavy Body Gel to add dimension to projects.
  • Mix with paint or pigment powders to add color.
  • Use to glue on castings from moulds or glue on embellishments. 
  • Use with stencils to stencil raised designs with dimension to projects. Paint, embellish, add color waxes, glitter, etc...
  • This gel can be applied to moulds. See Pentart video below. 
  • Example: Create a frost effect on glass by dabbing or sponging on Heavy Body Gel. Add snow effect pastes, glitter, etc... See Pentart video below.

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Pentart Videos Demonstrating Heavy Body Gel, Matte:

Protect from frost.

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