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Pentart Artist Mediums

Pentart Glitter Pen, 30 mL

Glitter Pens are water-based with a fine tip that is squeezable to decorate all your mixed media projects and journals. Available in several color options in the options menu.

How to apply:

  • When using a new Glitter Pen, give it a little squeeze to dispense the first bit of Glitter medium onto a paper towel. 
  • You can line or frame out a project or design by squeezing your Glitter Pen with firm, even pressure to create an even line along your design. 
  • You can apply dots, circles or follow a design on rice paper or other art materials to accent them. 
  • Apply to painted projects, decoupage, paper, bare, unfinished wood, canvas, fabric and more. 
  • The Glitter application will be a bit raised on your project surface when first applied but will reduce a bit as it dries.
  • See the Royal Court Arts and Crafts official YouTube Channel video for information, how-to instructions and project ideas for creating with your Glitter Pen. 

Always read all cautionary statements on this product and all art mediums. Follow safety guidelines for proper, safe use. Keep away from children and pets.  

Always thoughtfully packaged.

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