Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish Set, Size Options
Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish 2 Component Set
Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish, 2 Component Set,  230 mL each
Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish, 2 Component Set, 3 Size Options

Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish 2 Component Set, Size Options

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Pentart Artist Mediums

Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish, 2 Components per Set

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  • 50 mL = 1.69 oz
  • 100 mL = 3.38 oz
  • 230 mL = 7.78 oz

Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish Set gives your project surfaces the effect of beautiful old, crackled porcelain. This product consists of 2 components in each set which are numbered Component 1 and Component 2. Component 2 is solvent-based. Each set comes with an instructional leaflet.

How to apply Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish: 

  • Don't run a fan or use where air will blow around or on your project.
  • Apply Component 1 onto your project surface with a soft, dry brush. Allow to completely dry. 
  • Apply Component 2 using a soft, dry brush.  Allow to dry for several hours to a full day or overnight. The time it takes to crackle depends on environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature. Place your project near a warm stove. You may also use a blow dryer or heat gun to help speed up the crackle effect AFTER your Component 2 has dried completely. Do not blow air onto wet crackle medium. Don't hold a heat gun or hot dryer too close to your project. The heat can melt and burn your materials.
  • After Component 2 is completely dry and you have your crackle effect, apply antiquing mediums, pigment pastes or other mediums with a contrasting color to highlight your crackles. You can use metallic pigments, like gold, or any color, too! 
  • Seal with your favorite sealer/varnish. Pentart Clear Varnish, sold here, in Gloss finish is recommended for sealing Fineline Crackle Varnish. 
  • NOTE: A glossy finish varnish is recommended due to the glossy-like shine that Component 2 of the Fineline Crackle renders. If a matte varnish is used, the matte varnish will dull the finish and may not render a desired appearance. Therefore, Pentart Clear Varnish in Glossy finish is recommended.
  • Your purchase of this product holds My Victorian Heart harmless from any mishaps, injuries or any harm whatsoever due to improper use and lack of following safety guidelines and recommendations as provided on the product label.

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