Pentart Expand Paste, for Embossed, Raised Effect

Pentart Expand Paste, 50 mL

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Pentart Expand Paste 50 mL (milliliters)

A water based white paste which expands when heat is applied. This creates a raised, embossed effect which gives your designs dimension. Use with stencils, stamps or apply freehand with a brush or sponge brush.

How to apply:

  • Apply to wood, paper or textiles.
  • Use with stencils. 
  • Using a sponge brush to apply to stamps.
  • Brush Expand Paste onto project or use with a stencil. 
  • Allow paste to dry completely before applying heat to expand it.
  • Use a heat gun to expand your design being careful not to burn your project.
  • It takes a bit of time--a few minutes or so--for the heat to help expand the paste so be patient.
  • Can be applied to fabric. You can expand your design with a hot iron. Place a towel underneath fabric so the pressing with your iron does not flatten your Expand Paste pattern. Iron on the underside of the fabric, through parchment on cotton setting. 
  • Watch the following videos with great how-to information and project ideas by Pentart and Royal Court Arts and Crafts artists. 


Protect from frost.

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