Pentart Dipping Paint, Black, 250 mL
Pentart Dipping Paint, Black, 230 mL

Pentart Dipping Paint, 250mL, Black, Self-Leveling

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Pentart Dipping Paint 250 mL (milliliters) = 8.45 ounces

Pentart Dipping Paint is a water-based, self-leveling, coat thickening paint that once dry, leaves a smooth finish with no brush strokes. Ideal for use as a base to add Pentart Chrome Powders for a chrome-plated look. See Pentart quick videos below with great projects and step-by-step information.

How to apply: 

Dip your project piece(s) for a brush-stroke free finish. Pentart recommends suspending or hanging your piece to dry. You can also paint on Dipping Paint with a brush.

See the following Pentart videos demonstrating projects with Dipping Paint:

Pentart Dipping Paint Introduction #1:

 Pentart Dipping Paint Video #2:

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