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Pentart Crystal Pen, 30 mL

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Pentart Artist Mediums

Pentart Crystal Pen

4 Color Options

Size: 30 milliliters = 1.014 ounces

The Crystal Pen is a water based product that contains fine-grained glitters, with which we can create sparkling, glittering decorations. The Crystal Pen is the same as Pentart Crystal Paste except the Crystal Pen come in an easy-to-squeeze tube for convenient and easy dispensing. 

How to use and ideas:

  • Squeeze tube to dispense your Crystal Pen paste.
  • "Draw" designs with Crystal Pen.
  • Follow designs along a print, rice paper or other art, with your Crystal Pen to highlight designs like flourishes, shapes and more. 
  • Create raised designs effects with sparkle with Crystal Pen.
  • Let Crystal Pen/Paste dry completely before handling. 
  • You can apply Pentart Varnish, such a Clear Varnish over Crystal Pen applications.
  • Watch the Pentart official YouTube Channel video for inspiration and information.
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