Pentart Crackle Medium, One Component, 100 mL or 3.4 oz
Pentart Crackle Medium, One Component, One Step Crackle, 230 mL

Pentart Crackle Medium, One Component, 1 Step Crackling, Size Options

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Pentart Artist Mediums

Pentart Crackle Medium, Water Based, One Component 

Size Options:

100 milliliters = 3.38 ounces

230 milliliters - 7.77 ounces

Pentart Crackle Medium is a One Component, one-step, water-based, transparent medium that gives your painted project an antique crackled effect.

How to apply:

  • Paint your project with an acrylic paint. We love Pentart Acrylic paints.
  • Brush Pentart Crackle Medium, One Component onto your completely dried, painted project with a soft brush. Let Crackle Medium dry completely. Do not touch your project until Crackle Medium is completely dry.
  • Paint another coat of acrylic paint onto project, in a contrasting paint color, let paint thoroughly dry. 
  • The crackles will develop as Crackle Medium dries. 
  • The contrasting acrylic paint color will show through the crackles. Apply antiquing pastes, wax pastes or other aging mediums onto the crackles if desired. Metallic wax pastes are beautiful applied to crackle effects.
  • The appearance and depth of crackles depend on thickness and techniques of applied acrylic paints and Crackle Medium and brush strokes in application. 
  • Seal your project to protect it with Pentart Varnishes.
  • Tips/Ideas: Brush on your paints or sponge on and dab on paints for varied effect. You can use matte, pearl or metallic finish paints. A variety of crackle enhancing mediums can be used such as aging powders, waxes, glazes and more. 
  • Watch the following short Pentart video for how to apply Crackle Medium with tips and projects.

Always read all cautionary statements on all art mediums and practice safety protocols and wear safety gear when recommended. Keep away from children and pets.

NOTE: Protect from frost. 

 Always thoughtfully packaged. 

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