Pentart Clear Varnish, Solvent-Based, Matte, 100 mL
Pentart Clear Varnish, Solvent-Based Gloss
Pentart Clear Varnish, Gloss, 100 mL

Pentart Clear Varnish, Solvent-Based, Matte or Gloss Options

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Pentart Clear Varnish, Solvent-Based

Size: 100 mL = 3.38 ounces; 50 ml = 1.69 ounces

Pentart Clear Varnishes are clear, solvent-based varnishes which dry quickly. 

Finish Options:

  • Matte, 100 mL
  • Gloss, 100 mL
  • Gloss, 50mL

How to Apply:

  • Brush on Clear Varnish in one direction with a soft brush. Apply two coats, allowing to dry in between coats. The gloss will be waterproof after drying. The matte finish Clear Varnish will be moderately waterproof after it dries. 
  • Allow to dry completely before touching your project's surface.
  • NOTE: Pentart Clear Varnish in Gloss finish is recommended for sealing Pentart Fineline Crackle Varnish. 
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