Pentart Antiquing Gel, Color Options, 150 mL
Pentart Antiquing Gel, Patina Blue, 150 mL
Pentart Antiquing Gel, White, 150 mL
Pentart Antiquing Gel, Umber, 150 mL
Pentart Antiquing Gel, Patina Green, 150 mL
Pentart Antiquing Gel, Ochre, Ocher, 150 mL
Pentart Antiquing Gel, Brown, 150 mL
Pentart Antiquing Gel, Olive, 150 mL
Pentart Antiquing Gel, Black

Pentart Antiquing Gel, 150 mL, Color Options

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Pentart Antiquing Gel, 150 mL = 5.07 ounces

8 Color Options:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Ochre
  • Olive
  • Patina Blue
  • Patina Green
  • Umber 
  • White

Pentart Antiquing Gel is easy to apply, spreadable and is water-based. Achieve a beautiful, antiqued effect on your projects with this product which also provides a waterproof finish. Watch the Pentart video below to see the wonderful ways to use this Antiquing Gel. 

How to apply: Brush on with a soft brush or sponge on. 

Uses and Tips: 

  • Brush on several different colors of Pentart Antiquing Gel, blending as you go along. Apply to wood surfaces, canvas, moulds, resin, decor and more. 
  • Apply antiquing gel to painted furniture and painted decor to highlight details like moldings. 
  • Apply to holiday decor and ornaments.
  • Apply antiquing gel over dark or light painted surfaces, wipe away some of the gel or sand for an aged, distressed look. 
  • Let antiquing dry a bit, then sand for distressed effect or wipe away with a damp cloth or sponge before gel dries. 
  • Apply Pentart White Antiquing Gel over any of the other gel colors for an aged affect.
  • This gel can be applied over dried modeling paste used in stenciling to highlight the stenciled designs. 

Protect from frost.

Always thoughtfully packaged. 

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