Pentart Acrylic Primer, 100 mL
Pentart Acrylic Primer, 230 mL

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Pentart Acrylic Primer

Size Options:

  • 100 mL (milliliters) = 3.38 ounces
  • 230 mL (milliliters) = 7.78 ounces

Pentart Acrylic Primer is a water-based white primer which helps prepare your project surfaces for further painting or decorating. This primer does not create complete coverage as it goes on thin. Highly recommended for use on non-porous surfaces. This product provides for better adhesion for your paints and effect materials.

How to apply: 

  • Brush onto surface with soft brush.
  • Allow to dry before applying other mediums and effect mediums.
  • Paint or decorate your projects.
  • Visit the official Pentart YouTube Channel here for projects, inspiration and tips.

Protect from frost.

Always read all cautionary statements on all art mediums. Follow safety guidelines for proper, safe use. Keep away from children and pets. 

Always thoughtfully packaged.

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