Ink Pad 2 by Iron Orchid Designs
Iron Orchid Designs One Blank Ink Pad 2, IOD
Blank Ink Pad 2 by Iron Orchid Designs, View of Underside with IOD logo
Iron Orchid Designs Blank Ink Pad 2 view with lid off
Blank Ink Pad 2 by Iron Orchid Designs, View of lid top with IOD logo
IOD Blank Ink Pad 2, Iron Orchid Designs Accessories

Iron Orchid Designs One Blank Ink Pad 2, IOD

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Iron Orchid Designs "Ink Pad 2*" Blank Foam Ink Pad for Use with Stamping, Decor Inks -

*2 refers to the improved version "Ink Pad 2 or updated 2nd edition". This listing is for (1) one blank Ink Pad 2  for $5.99 per ink pad. Choose your desired quantity. 

$4.95 USA flat rate shipping for orders up to $74.99. Free USA shipping for orders $75+. Ships in 1 business day when orders in by 12 noon EST or ship next day.

IOD's Ink Pad 2 is the awesome new version ink pad with more space plus the lid securely attaches to the ink pad cradle giving you more space to pick up and hold the ink pad without your fingers touching the inked pad area. Store your ink pad upside down to keep the ink from settling into the bottom of the ink pad. 

WATCH the following video for more tips featuring the IOD sisters with great tips and info on creating with IOD Stamps, Inks and Ink Pad plus ink pad storage tips. 

Photos by My Victorian Heart

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Watch the Iron Orchid Designs' sisters' helpful video about with great tips and info for using IOD decor stamps.


For anyone who hasn’t used IOD stamps before, they’re essentially what they sound like:  A clear stamp - but it doesn’t stop there! 

While similar in function to stamps you used as a child -- IOD stamps are magical (no kidding!). They have the power to transform a piece of junk found on the side of the road to a show-stopping piece of home decor that you’ll have to convince your husband you didn’t spend your entire monthly budget on. For reals, they are that good.

And DIY home decor is just the tip of the creative iceberg. IOD stamps can be used in food art and DIY lifestyle projects, like taking a boring pair of jeans and stamping a beautiful bohemian design down the pant leg.


Reach out to your local stockist as they’re happy to help and show you, hand-over-hand, all the techniques shared here.

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