Decoupage Queen Spring Damask Stencil, 0020

Decoupage Queen Spring Damask Stencil, 0020

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Decoupage Queen Stencils at My Victorian Heart St Augustine Florida

Decoupage Queen Spring Damask Stencil, 0020

Stencil Size A4 - 8.3" x 11.7" 

A gorgeous stencil design, stencil design for your creative projects. Decoupage Queen's beautiful stencils can be used in furniture applications, craft or DIY decor, upcycling projects, journaling, scrapbooking, papier mache, in mixed media and more.

Material: 10 mil, laser-cut mylar. 

Made in the USA. 

Decoupage Queen Stencils are great with the following mediums:

  • Paints
  • Texture pastes i.e. Pentart Deluxe Paste, Cracking Paste, Snow Paste, Ice Paste, Glitter Paste
  • Gels - Sparkling Gel
  • Metal Leaf
  • Velvet Powders
  • Mixed Media Spray Inks or Stains

Stencil care, handling and storage:

  • Handle stencils with care when washing and applying art media.
  • We are not responsible for any parts or bits of your stencil that are bent while in your care. Handle with care. 
  • We recommend you immediately wash off art media with warm water, such as pastes and gels after applying so they do not dry on your stencil. 
  • Gently wash stencils with dish soap and water. 
  • We love Pentart brand Stencil Cleaner to clean our stencils. Just spray Stencil Cleaner onto your stencil and gently wipe art medium away. 
  • Pentart Stencil Cleaner can also be left to soak on your stencil to help remove more stubborn art media.
  • Store clean, dry stencil flat and out of heat and light. 
  • Do NOT use solvents on Mylar stencils.  
  • Do NOT dry Mylar stencils with a hot dryer or heat gun. Heat will warp Mylar stencils. Mylar is a polyester plastic-type material that will warp or melt.
  • Any product that has been altered, cut apart, used, mishandled is not eligible for return. This includes any and all stencils, decoupage paper, rice paper, washipaper, tissue paper, transfers, moulds, stencil brushes and any product at My Victorian Heart, Inc. ©

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