Set of 5 Artist Palette Knives, Stainless Steel and Wood

Artist Palette Knives Set of 5

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My Victorian Heart Vintage Inspired Creative Joy
Set of 5 Artist Palette Knives

Set of 5 Artist Palette Knives for applying art media to your projects. In varied sizes. Made of stainless steel with wooden handles.

Applications and Care:

  • Great for applying texture pastes such as fiber pastes, modeling paste, snow/ice pastes, moss pastes, glues, gels and more.
  • Apply paints to canvas or other substrates. 
  • Paint with your palette knives.
  • Use with stencils. 
  • Smooth out applied textures or build them up. 
  • Clean with warm, soapy water and dry with a soft towel.
  • If paints or other media are dried on, soak the stainless-steel part of palette knife in a mixture of water and Murphy's Oil Soap enough to cover the stainless-steel part.
  • We love Pentart Solvent Cleaner to clean stubborn media from our paint brushes and palette knives.