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IOD Morocco Paint Inlay, Iron Orchid Designs
IOD Morocco Paint Inlay, Bac Cover
IOD Morocco Paint Inlay applied to dresser chest
IOD Morocco Paint Inlay displayed on antique chest

Morocco Paint Inlay, IOD, Iron Orchid Designs

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IOD Morocco Paint Inlay by Iron Orchid Designs

8 Sheets, 12" x 16" 

Iron Orchid Designs has gifted us with more creative joy--another beautiful Paint Inlay! Introducing Morocco Paint Inlay! Gorgeous! IOD's Paint Inlays are a whole new level of IOD creative goodness. You get 8 sheets of beautiful Moroccan inspired designs in gorgeous color. 

IOD Paint Inlays can be applied to so many different projects on a variety of surfaces. You are not limited to painted furniture with Paint Inlays. Each sheet has grid lines on the back so you can line up your designs or cut them to size accordingly. 

Ideas: Painted furniture, wall decor and accents like frames, wall art, crafts projects, papier mache, journals--even fabric! With proper preparation and mediums, the possibilities are endless. 

Example: If you paint a project with white paint, the white paint will be your background color of your Paint Inlay design. If you paint a surface light blue or black, that will be your background color. 

Visit the Iron Orchid Designs here for everything you wanted to know about the new IOD Paint Inlays. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Watch this excellent video from the Iron Orchid Designs sisters to learn more: 

What are Paint Inlays? 

IOD Paint Inlays are ground-breaking, first-in-class, premium art products that will revolutionize the DIY industry and empower creative exploration across all skill levels. In short, they are AH-MAZING, if we do say so ourselves. IOD Paint Inlays are the artisanal answer to decor transfers. They’re not a decal; they’re not a synthetic film; they’re not decoupage.

When you apply an IOD Paint Inlay, paint is physically embedded into the surface of buttery, almost leather-like surface on your piece.

How do IOD Paint Inlays work?

IOD Paint Inlays are made from a proprietary artist-quality paint which we formulated specifically for decorative use. Organic in nature, the Paint Inlays transfer the painted design yielding a slightly varied and uniquely beautiful aesthetic each time they’re used. The results are visually interesting, texturally complex, and often inherently distressed. The paint formula is 'active' until sealed. That means that you can manipulate it and apply special techniques or a custom touch before you seal your piece.

Can IOD Paint Inlays be reused?

And, as if once isn't enough, you can usually get a beautifully faded second impression, with the residual pigment on your 'leftover' Paint Inlay sheets. Depending on the techniques and colors you are using with your Paint Inlay, sometimes you can even get a third impression!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For best results with a basic application, use a chalk-type paint that does not contain polymers. (Polymer-based paints and topcoats can also be used, but the timing and results vary, so check out our tutorials for that and more.