Air Dry Clay by Iron Orchid Designs, IOD
IOD Air Dry Clay by Iron Orchid Designs, Image view of IOD Seashells Mould
Decoupaged Heart Box by My Victorian Heart created with IOD Trimmings 1 Moulds Cast with IOD Air Dry Clay
Round ABstudio HDF Ornament by My Victorian Heart with IOD Laurel Moulds Cast with IOD Air Dry Clay
IOD Seashells Mould Casting Created with IOD Air Dry Clay

IOD Air Dry Clay, Iron Orchid Designs

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IOD Air Dry Clay, Iron Orchid Designs

Excellent, artisan grade air dry clay by Iron Orchid Designs. This clay is easy to work with in hand, soft and pliable. IOD Air Dry Clay creates beautifully detailed castings in IOD's superb Moulds. Perfect for a variety of your creative projects.

Applying and gluing on clay castings to projects:

  • We love Pentart Express Glue, which bonds and dries quickly to adhere our clay castings.  
  • We also love Pentart Heavy Body Gel (Matte or Glossy). Versatile medium that has many uses. 

Tips on applying moulds to projects - If you would like to apply your clay casting to projects with curves or edges where you wish to wrap your castings around these shapes, apply castings while clay is still wet and pliable. 

IOD Air Dry Clay is paintable, waxable and stainable. You can paint your clay castings before or after adhering your castings to projects. We have painted our clay castings when freshly applied before drying and after the clay has dried. Handle your castings gently until they dry to preserve detail. 

Some mediums we love to apply to our clay castings:

  • acrylic paints or chalk paints
  • color waxes, metallic waxes
  • antique pastes or gels
  • color stains or pigments
  • pigment powders 

See photos of various projects by My Victorian Heart which show clay castings we applied paints, waxes, aging mediums to.

Each package of clay is 14.1 ounces per package or 400 g.

Watch Iron Orchid Designs Video about how to use Air Dry Clay.

IOD Seashells Mould pictured is sold separately and is available here

If you have questions about IOD products, please feel free to chat with us via the blue chat button located in the lower right corner of any of our website pages or send us a message via the Contact Form. We are glad to help! 


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