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Pentart Velvet Powder, 11 Color Options
Pentart Velvet Powder, 11 Color Options
Pentart Velvet Powder, 11 Color Options
Pentart Velvet Powder, Green
Pentart Velvet Powder, Grey
Pentart Velvet Powder, Light Green
Pentart Velvet Powder, Pink
Pentart Velvet Powder, Purple
Pentart Velvet Powder, Red
Pentart Velvet Powder, Turquoise
Pentart Velvet Powder, White
Pentart Velvet Powder, Citrine Yellow

Pentart Velvet Powder, 11 Color Options

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Pentart Artist Mediums

Pentart Velvet Powder

11 Color Options - see Menu

Pentart Velvet Powder creates a soft, velvety touch to your projects. Adheres easily to wet paints, pastes and glue.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING WEIGHTS OF THE VELVET POWDERS: The weights of the Velvet Powders vary due to some pigment colors are heavier than others. Hence, you will notice the labels on the Pentart Velvet Powders state various weights in grams (g). All Velvet Powders are in the same size tubes. 

Ideas and How to apply:

  • Apply Velvet Powder to your prepared or painted surface.
  • Apply glue, such as Pentart Hobby Glue, then apply Velvet Powder to adhere. 
  • You can sprinkle Velvet Powder onto wet Grass Effect Paste or Moss Effect Pastes for added color, texture and dimension. 
  • Project Idea: Add Velvet Powder in Light Green and Green color options to Pentart Grass and Moss Effect Pastes for added color, texture and dimension. Use a heat gun to expand or puff up your grass effect with velvet powder for more dimension. 
  • Ideas: Apply white Velvet Powder to holiday decor, decoupage projects, images, crafts to enhance snow effect in scenery or embellish the white fur of Santa's outfit or to stockings.
  • Ideas: Apply red and/or pink velvet powder to holiday art and to embellish Christmas or Valentine projects. 
  • Ideas: Apply the yellow Velvet Powder for the velvety fuzz effect of yellow flowers, like sunflowers. 
  • Ideas: Add Velvet Powders to embellish ribbons, scrabooking, doll art or gowns and dresses in decoupage designs, and dress forms. So many ideas! 
  • Ideas: The white and grey Velvet Powders added to bunnies, birds, horse art and projects is the perfect soft touch! Accent bunny ears and tails, horse manes, withers and tails and bird feathers in your projects.
  • See the helpful, quick Pentart Videos below for how to use Velvet Powder and for project ideas. 

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