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Pentart Jewelry Concrete, 600 g, Cast in Variety of Molds
Pentart Jewelry Concrete, 600 g, View of Open Powder in Container

Pentart Jewelry Concrete, 600g, Cast in a Variety of Molds

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Pentart Jewelry Concrete, 600 g =21.16 ounces

Pentart Jewelry Concrete is not just for making jewelry. Jewelry Concrete is a fine, soft powder that you mix with water. It can be cast into various types of molds, i.e., silicone, PVC or plaster molds. Make jewelry pendants, cast into 3D molds, make coasters, frames and all manner of decor or ornaments with Pentart Jewelry Concrete. Watch the quick 3+ minute Pentart Video below for great how-to tips and ideas.

Preparation and use: 
  • New at creating with Pentart Jewelry Concrete? Do a test batch in a simple, small mold to practice. It's really easy! 
  • Mix 100 g of Jewelry Concrete powder with 27 g of water (or 100 mL powder with 30 mL of water).
  • Stir well into a creamy consistency. 
  • If desired, pigment color can be added to your mixed Jewelry Concrete.
  • Pour into your preferred mold. 
  • Tap down mold onto your surface to level Jewelry Concrete in mold.
  • If pouring into a larger mold that may require more than 100 grams of Jewelry Concrete, mix multiple batches. Mix first batch, then pour then mix next batch.
  • Allow Jewelry Concrete to dry for about 1 to 2 hours. Larger molds may require a longer drying time. Larger 3D molds require longer drying time. 
  • Once dry, remove your casting from your mold. 
  • You can now decorate your casting--paint, stain, decoupage, add color decor waxes, pastes and embellish as desired.

SAFETY:  Always read any and all cautionary safety information printed on all Pentart product labels. Use safe crafting practices and keep products away from small children.

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