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ABstudio HDF Oval Decoupage Plaque Base 0048
ABstudio Oval HDF Blank 0048 Decoupage Project Sample

ABstudio HDF Decoupage Base 0048, Oval Chipboard Blank

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ABstudio HDF Decoupage Ornament Base Blank 0035


ABstudio HDF Decoupage Base Ornament 0048, Ornate Oval

High Density Fiberboard Blank - 2 pieces 

HDF Decoupage Base Ornament No. 0048 - HDF plaque-style blank decoupage bases are perfect for decoupage and all manner of crafting through all seasons. Durable, sturdy and perfect for application of decoupage mediums or other art projects. 

  • There are two pieces of HDF in this design.
  • One piece is the ornate oval base.
  • The other piece is a smaller oval piece that can be adhered on top of the round base.
  • We recommend Pentart Heavy Body Gel or Express Glue for adhering your HDF.


  • Oval base piece = 9.84" long x 7.49" wide (25cm x 19cm)
  • Smaller oval piece = 7.49" long x 5.51" wide (19cm x 14cm)

About HDF (High Density Fiberboard) - HDF is made of wood composite/fibers material which is mixed with resin and compressed at high pressure with heat rendering a very hard, durable product. HDF is used in crafts, cabinetry, furniture, laminated flooring and molding. HDF is somewhat moisture resistant (NOT waterproof) due to the density of the pressed fibers, so it is less prone to warping like natural wood. Durable HDF provides a good surface for applying decoupage glues, craft glues, pastes and other wet mediums. 

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